Monday, January 22, 2007

Designing the Experience

One of the criticisms of Agile by designers is, "We need to be able to design the entire application from front to back to ensure a consistent user experience." I have noticed the over use of the term 'experience' over the past few years. A solid experience doesn't come from the iterative design process; it comes from a solid vision of how the user feels when they are using the application. Much like a brand, there's a bunch of intangibles that come up and explaining them can be the hardest part.

I like working through the nitty-gritty of the user experience of one small component at a time. It can open up some cool things that can be used in other places and reveal some what-not-to-do's right out of the gate. A little bit of focused trial and error on a small piece is always easier to change than finding something out way down stream and having to change the whole thing. Sort of like painting a small section of a room with the wall color and the trim color and seeing how it looks with rug, before busting out the rollers and going to town.



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